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Roommate, how awkward.

Rainbow RoommatesLike clockwork, this Holiday season was full of non-stop chaos.  I baked, wrapped, decorated, shopped (ugh), worked, and even found time to hit the gym.

My girlfriend and I didn’t get many chances to unwind and connect during the “most romantic holiday” (I’m sure that’s what Cosmo or some lame magazine calls it).  When we did get a few moments to embrace some type of sane-ness, a quick jolt from our wrestling dogs snapped us back into reality.

Even though my family’s over 1,000 miles away, I was happily welcomed and incorporated into my girlfriend’s big family Christmas Eve shindig at her Grandparents.  Trust me, this isn’t as awkward as you’d think.  Luckily for me, my girlfriend’s mom is pretty vocal (this is kind of an understatement) so all her aunts, uncles, and cousins know about our lesbianness. Except the grandparents. I’m pretty tolerable with this, but isn’t it awkward that I magically show up at close family gatherings?  Oh look it’s Aliese’s roommate again!

“Roommate”, otherwise known to the gays as the #1 title given to partners, girlfriends, and boyfriends when others find themselves in awkward explanations during introductions.

Hey, it’s not so bad…right?  A believable, quick fix title to make hetero and older generation folks feel your relationship is permissible. Ok, it sucks – but, sometimes (very rarely) I think I’d prefer another “roommate” introduction to avoid another uncomfortable and controversial altercation.   I’ve had one of these before, it’s not pretty.

Down the road, is the roommate title still going to hold validity when I’m still showing up to family Christmas, when  both have rings on our fingers, or a baby in my belly?  Can the whole co-habitation myth still exist?  It’s really not up to me, it’s on all the people that give us this falsified title.

So, I’ll redefine the noun for the rest of us…

Roommate [room-meyt] – It’s legitimate until a certain point.

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