V.D. (fast and quick)


Valentines Day … or what I call, “straight people holiday”.

I’ve heard rumors that gay V.D. is celebrated the day after  – whether this is true or not, my lady and I refuse to devote a day to “our love” (that should be everyday … right?!).

Instead, we’ll watch all of our straight friends become mildly disappointed when their high expectation gift (Jared, Edible Arrangement, Victoria’s Secret) aren’t met by their man.

You know that passive aggressive, “I’m really not expecting anything for Valentines Day but I can’t believe he got me BLANK or he didn’t get me shit”


I’m not a Valentine sadist, promise.  I’m sure I’ll do something crafty (last minute, sketch or painting) to make her partake in a little Valentine joy but that’s something I’d do anyways.  I don’t need a Hallmark holiday to prove my adoration for my amazing girlfriend.

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