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A watery mess



4 weeks ago, after grubbing down on some Sunday brunch, my girlfriend and I came home to a kitchen of standing water and a valve gushing cold water (the culprit). I couldn’t help but laugh as I stupidly attempted to place my tiny thumb over the ruptured valve. The icy water continued to gush – my thumb attempt didn’t work.

Second later, the water slowed to a stop. My lady had found the water shut off to the house. Smart cookie.

The insurance adjuster came for a thorough inspection of the aftermath and quickly determined all of our downstairs floors were ruined. Hardwoods, tile, carpet, plus a few kitchen cabinets.



Fast forward to now, we’ve got the fridge in the living room, dishwasher and oven in the pup’s room (sometimes we call it their nursery), and contractor tools scattered through the house. We maxed out our lesbian allowed visits to Lowes, we’ve become a regular at Subway and Starbucks (no kitchen, guys). Plus, we see our dogs on the weekends at my girlfriend’s parents house, it sounds so very divorcee, right?

While the new hardwoods are acclimating (yes, wood floors have to nest) we’ll be shacked up in a extended stay hotel. I can’t wait.

The burning desire i have to be back in a kitchen is agonizing. I’ll gladly make a hotel kitchenette my temporary sanctuary.

On top of it all, My girlfriend is in her 9th week of police academy. The phrase police academy meant nothing until recently. Sore muscles, constant hunger, homework-filled nights, and strict morning regimes have taken over my girlfriend’s world.

The thing is, I have no complaints. I mean, it’s inconvenient and the timing’s all wrong but it’s life.

Bright side: updated floors, fresh paint, and a staycation in a local hotel.

Down side: Dogs aren’t home, eating out too much, and the tile that’s being replaced was what my baby girl chose and installed so she could make the kitchen of my dreams.

Our master bedroom has transitioned into our studio apartment, our sanctuary, and a big ass mess.

No tears have been shed and no fights have surfaced; were together on this.

Thank god for homeowners insurance, family that’ll willingly watch our pups, and the togetherness of our sanity.

P.s. – the cause of our mess? A defective pipe valve. It’s called Qest pipe. If you have it, I highly recommend replacing it.

Attempting to save the floors.

Attempting to save the floors.

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