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The Grant Adventures: July, August, and September

GrantChallenges: Still timid around strangers but manages to keep his cool with one mean stare down. Discovered his new-found love for chewing shoes, books, and cords. R.I.P. 1 pair of headphones and 2 pairs of shoes.

Accomplishments: Learned “sit” (learning “down” at the moment), accompanied me on another solo camping trip – adored the outdoors, sleeping in a tent, and discovered his love for splashing in water. His self-control has taken over as he no longer backs himself in corners or darts under parked cars.

As I sit and write these words, Grant is curled up beside me in a tight ball.  He looks like a little cinnamon roll with a set of floppy beagle ears.

Warm summer months have washed over us with freedom, renewal, and a whole lot of outside time. I can’t believe how quick time has passed by (so much that I just turned the big 30). Life for Grant has changed, no longer is he crated and living in a bubble of everything familiar.  His world has expanded by combating fears and learning to make do with a small space, downtown living, and a whole lot of love. Meanwhile, I’ve experienced the same feelings.

I brought him camping during the 4th of July weekend and I watched something wild come out of him as he trotted around in the woods, darted in and out of the warm lake while his small tail whipped around in happiness.  He’s a soul elated for adventure.

A big change in our lives has been the entrance of a new girlfriend (my new girlfriend, not Grant’s – even though I swear he’s in love with her).  It all happened very unexpected but, with perfect intention from the Universe. One thing that is 100% accurate is Grant is smitten with her.  When he sees her, he’s bouncing around with pure joy. It’s kind of an amazing feeling to have your animal so into the person you’re dating and smitten with. Adds an extra touch of cuteness.

These three months have blessed me with beautiful shifts. It’s just another reminder I have no idea what life has in store for Grant and I. I love this.  My days of obsessive planning, routine and timelines have been swept away.

This spirit is free as Grant’s.