“Is this going to be one check or two?”

If you’re gay, this is a common question heard at the end of a meal or drinks out. For me, a question I’ve become so accustomed to, when a server is about to utter these words, it might be interrupted with “we’re together”.

Being two women (or two men) in a relationship has it’s perks.  Some of include sharing clothes (very gay, I know), watching trash-tastic shows like “Housewives of New York”, and the mutual understanding of the phrase, “does this look okay”?

It also has its downfalls, one of them can be living in a conservative city (me!) which can mean the uncomfortableness of others due to you “orientation” (what a hilarious word). It can also mean the opposite – since you’re the only gay person (“but you look so normal!”) they think you’re automatically interesting. Other people might become intrigued to desperately slap a label on you and your relationship, this means the inevitable question,

“who’s the guy in the relationship?”

This blog started from the many times my ex girlfriend and I were asked, “one check or two?”. The starts of this blog were dedicated to our life as a couple – the situations and joy we faced together.

When the relationship ended, I decided to keep the blog and now, it’s transformed into something else I’m kind of proud of.



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